Ways to use Chamaileon

Not every company creates email the same.

See how Chamaileon adapts to all your email production needs, no matter if big or small

Made for Publishers

Reduce time for breaking news emails.

No one can do what you do better: from content creation to email design, everything has to be completed in a matter of hours. What you need is a reliable and centralized tool that helps you get emails out fast!

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Acquisition Emails as part on an Onboarding series

Made for Agencies

Shape an agile email creation workflow

Time to replace email hand-coding with a no-code solution that lives up to your quality standards. You can now cater to your clients' every request without worrying about wasting time or effort. It'll be our little secret!

  • Quality HTML email code
  • Review and approval process for externals
  • Folder organization system
  • Customizable brand kits
  • White label email previews
  • Custom domain for shared assets

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Activate customers and leads through welcoming and education email series.

Made for Universities

Spice up your regular email workflow

You're a jack of all trades! You have to get everything done yourself from student and faculty management to sending emails! Tick that off your list because we have your back: a no-code solution that allows you to build professional and on-brand email campaigns, in a matter of minutes.

  • Branded email design system:
    • Colors, fonts, and logo in one place
    • Modular email design building experience
    • Reusable email templates
  • Seamless integration with any CRM or ESP
  • Pricing discount for .edu and other educational organizations

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Let anyone create stunning emails.


Onboarding emails that convert

Starting from their first interaction with your product or service, your users (future customers) should be educated on your product, the value it provides, how they can use it, and extract the most out of it. Learn more about Onboarding email sequences and how Chamaileon helps creating them.

Activate customers and leads through welcome education email series.

Made for everyone, from small non-profits to multinational enterprises!

Regardless of your company mission, the size of your team, or the language you speak, you can find in Chamaileon a reliable, centralized, no-code email builder, created to solve and adapt to your needs.

Design Emails at large scale, no coding needed