Chamaileon SDK

Extend your software with real-time email editing, content management, and team collaboration features in a matter of days.

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A white-label framework tailored to provide the best collaborative features deeply integrated with your product

The best collaborative features

We believe that collaboration is a must in the 21st century, so we created top-notch collaborative features that help your users to quickly and efficiently do their daily duties.

100% white-label

Every plugin in the Chamaileon SDK is prepared for white-labeling meaning that you can use your brand colors, logo, and splash screen (loading screen) to make your customers feel at home.

Deep integration with your product suite

Customize every single bit of the Chamaileon SDK and provide a smooth UX for your customers that feels native to your software.

Do not suffer with software maintenance

By using our SDK, you will get access to fixes and updates, and we are going to make sure that everything works smoothly.


Learn more about each plugin that's available for white-label integration. Buy them separately or as a bundle - whichever suits your needs better.

Collaborative Drag 'n' Drop Email Editor

Get the shiniest collaborative email editor on the market that lets you create pixel-perfect email designs and every layout possible in emails.

Email preview

Provide a precise preview of how an email would look like on desktop and mobile devices. Let your customers see how the different email generator settings influence the email size and also show them how the personalized versions of the email will look like.

Email Thumbnails

Use the thumbnail plugin to generate always up-to-date preview images of every email your customers create.

Image Gallery

The gallery plugin comes with a built-in image editor, so your customers can manipulate images without leaving the platform. They can also search for free stock photos from Pexels and other sources (soon).

Email Template Selector

Most users prefer to start their work from a pre-designed email template. With the template selector, you can easily provide them custom template collections if needed.For example, you can provide a limited set for your free users, and an extended one for your premium users, or provide different templates based on industry.

Pre-designed Email Templates

You don't need to spend time creating your email template collection. We offer you and your customers over 200+ pre-designed email templates that are being updated and extended with new ones every month.

HTML Import

It used to be a challenge for customers to use their existing HTML email templates in any drag-and-drop email builder. The HTML import service lets them import any email HTML into the editor with a single click. As a positive side effect, even non-responsive emails will automatically turn into robust responsive email templates.

Workspace Content Manager

You don't need to develop sophisticated content management functions for your customers, we have that covered. The workspace plugin enables your users to organize their work into folders, invite any number of team members, associate users with different folders, and introduce different user roles to be able to minimize human error.

Review and Approval

Many email marketing teams are on the lookout for tools that can streamline their approval workflow. You can get your hands on a sophisticated review and approval plugin that lets your customers speed up their approval process by 5x.

Backend integration

Our sophisticated API helps you to fine-tune the behavior of the Chamaileon plugins


Although it's possible to use some of the plugins without any API integration, we recommend you to take advantage of our backend services for deeper integration. For example, Using the API, you can flag an email as sent to disable any further editing; programmatically create workspaces, add users to them with the desired user roles and access levels; and generate the email HTML of any document any time.

Configurable Email HTML Generator

Our configurable email generator produces the best email HTML on the market. You can make sure that your customers' emails will look great on all the major email clients without you having to maintain it.

Additional benefits

Incremental adaptation

Build an initial integration and launch it to your customers in a matter of days. During the initial setup, you can create workspaces, users, configure access levels, and allocate user roles. After the initial setup, you can start implementing additional plugins one at a time. This way, it's very easy to roll out the product and add the new functionality as needed.

Steer our roadmap

As a customer of our white-label email design and content management platform, you will have the opportunity to shape our roadmap to make sure, that your customers get what they want. We can provide you with dedicated developer support to make the integration as easy as possible. On top of that, we are open to collaborate with your developer team to create an outstanding user experience that your customers will love.

Roll out new features as quickly as possible

The Chamaileon SDK is built on modern technologies, is under active development, and as such it's updated on a regular basis. Once you become an integration partner you get access to multiple environments (Production, Test, Development) and a simple dashboard that you can use to switch between plugin versions to make sure nothing goes wrong.

Dedicated backend and on-premise available

If you need it, we can provide you dedicated backend, to make sure that you get the best performance. We can even provide partial or full-fetched on-premise solutions, so you can make sure that your dev-ops team can control everything and no data leaves your own infrastructure.

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