According to many journalistic resources, the only silver lining to the coronavirus outbreak is the fact that Earth is somewhat healing. Almost all commercial flights grounded, highways empty, and people staying home 24/7, our planet earth is having a break from humans. The ozone layer is starting to heal, pollution levels are reduced, and satellite images show cleaner air above the busiest and most polluted countries.


Images: NASA Earth Observatory
Pollution-monitoring satellites detected significant decreases in nitrogen dioxide (NO2) over China from 1 January to 25 February 2020.

This is obviously good news for all of us, but we would be foolish to think that these improvements are enough. We need to do everything in our power to reverse climate change and protect what’s left of our planet. April is Earth Month, and April 22nd is Earth Day. Though we should care about the environment every day of the year, we must take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself to raise awareness and stimulate change.

In this blog post, we will present a few ideas you can use to spread your message with a well-thought-out Earth Day email campaign.

Everything You Need to Know About 2020 Earth Month and Earth Day Themes

Earth Month Theme 2020

As you might already know, April is known as Earth Month. On April 4th, 2020, we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Month.
This year’s Earth Month theme is “A Global Climate Crisis.”

Earth Day Theme 2020

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd. In 1970, more than 22 Million Americans stood together to call out greedy corporations, protest their environmental ignorance, and demand improvements.
After the 1970’s protests, new environment protection laws were created.

Earth Day is known today as the largest and most important environmental civic event.

The theme of this year’s Earth Day is climate action. We are facing an enormous and overwhelming challenge to reverse climate change. So many years have been wasted in meaningless discussions leading to no or little change. The fight hasn’t even begun, and it looks like we lost against the fast-moving climate change. And that is due to our irresponsible production and consumption habits.

This year, we have to start acting. Climate change is irreversible, and we need to act before it’s too late.

Earth Day Email Subject Lines

We compiled a list of 30 email subject lines that you can get inspired by for your own email campaign:

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  9. “The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness” -John Muir 🌳🌲
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  15. We believe in treating everyday like Earth Day
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  18. The Goal: Zero Waste
  19. Thank you for your support this Earth Day!
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  23. We celebrate Earth Day, Every Day 🌍
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  25. This Land Is Your Land
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  27. Every Day is Earth Day
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  30. Earth day 4-piece gift inside

Earth Day Email Campaign Examples From Real Brands

In this section, we will present a few Earth Day email marketing campaign ideas that you can develop for your

Promote Your Green Products

Some people would argue that promoting products and having sales in celebration of Earth Day is counterproductive. How could you honor the planet earth by encouraging more waste? But what if you are promoting 100% natural products? What if you are a sustainable brand? Consumers have needs that will only be satisfied if they buy a certain product, and the way we see it: it’s better if they buy a sustainable natural product.

Celebrate Earth Day with a promotional code on your bio products.


This Earth Day email example starts off with a reminder about the promotional code. The rest of the email is more personal and creative by sending love to customers and wishing them a happy earth day. This email takes advantage of Earth Day to explain to customers what the brand name Amore means and how the brand is connected to Earth and the planet.


Earth Day theme is very prevalent in this email example. We get completely immersed in the ocean feel and can sense the freshness across our screens. The email color palette and background images match are the perfect set up for the product promoted, which is sunscreen. The email didn’t stop there. Babo Botanicals made sure to let their customers know that they are a “B Certified” brand, which means that their products meet the highest standards of social and environmental practices and impact. This reminder serves as assurance and puts to rest any doubts customers might have had regarding the brand’s products.


If your products are genuinely eco friendly, then your Earth Month email campaign should be easy-breezy. All you need to do is promote them in a nice looking email, add a compelling email copy, and that’s it. Take this email from Knork for example. The company sells plant-based utensils. How great is that? It is eco friendly, sustainable, and functional.


And finally, Earth Month is a great time for companies selling renewable energy sources or solar panels.



Create Urgency & Reminder Emails

In April, your customers will have their fare-share of emails cluttering their inboxes. From April fools emails to Easter campaigns, to Earth Day email blasts. Chances are, your subscribers might not pay attention to your email or they will forget about your sale completely.

Make sure to send a reminder email to notify them when your sale is ending.


Use words like “Last Day” or “Ends Tonight” in your email copy to urge your customers to enjoy the Earth Day sales while they are still available.


Remind your subscribers of what the sale is, and how they can get a hold of your discounted products.


Restock & Re-Launch Your Earth Day Email Campaign

If your Earth day email campaign was a success, you can consider doubling down on it and re-launch the sales.


Highlight Your Sustainable Brand Ethics

If you have an ethical brand, you should be proud of it. And during Earth Day, make sure everyone knows that you respect the environment, and every living creature roaming the earth. Tell people that your cosmetic brand doesn’t do animal testing, or that your clothes are made consciously. Give your subscribers a reason to choose your products over fast-fashion brands or lower quality products.

This incredible email for Indigenous answers the question: Who Makes Our Clothes? Not only do they honor their hard-working employees in a touching and personal way, but they also explain to their subscribers how their clothes are made. The email serves as proof that the brand is ethical and sustainable. The email message is perfect for Earth Day, but also helps spread awareness and educates people about the very dangerous impact it has on the environment and overly exploited minorities.


Another awesome Earth Day email comes from a sustainable fashion brand that uses vegetable dye to tint their apparel.


This email takes it one step further with a full-on comparison between common practices that damage the environment and the brand’s own ethical approach.


Give Back To Earth & The Community

Earth Day is a great occasion to give back to mother nature. For your Earth Fay email marketing campaign, you can partner with an environmental non-profit to collect donations through sales.


After collecting donations, don’t forget to send a Thank you email to every single person who contributed to making the impact. Create an email reporting back to everyone (people who donated and people who didn’t donate) and highlighting the impact you and your customers made for the cause.

This cool email gives very detailed information about a cleanup that the company has organized. They use specific numbers to showcase their event’s magnitude. They end the email with a compelling call to action, encouraging subscribers to take part in future cleaning volunteer events.


Another approach would be to encourage subscribers to keep donating despite Earth Day being over.

earth day email, Earth Day Email Campaign Examples, Free Templates & Subject Lines

Earth Day Email Newsletter

A simple yet meaningful way to communicate on Earth Day would be to create useful content on your blog about Earth Day and promote it on your newsletter email. In this email example, we can see that the company conducted an interview with a famous influencer, where they discussed her environmental activism. The email continues with a selection of interesting pieces of content that all share the same theme: being one with mother nature.

This email marketing idea is sustainable and pretty safe. It can also be a good alternative for brands that don’t want to contribute to creating more waste on Earth Day, or for brands that don’t have a product that fits the Earth Day theme.


Give Health & Gardening Advice on Earth Day

In the same spirit of the last Earth Day email marketing idea, you can send your subscribers an email with advice on how they can enjoy Earth Month to the fullest. If you are a gardening brand, this email example will definitely spark some inspiration. How to attract hummingbirds to your garden? How cool is that message for Earth day? You can obviously choose any topic you want, as long as it is related to nature and the environment.

If you find yourself short for ideas, you can read more about this year’s Earth Month theme.


Check out how this brand used this Earth day email marketing idea. They listed a few ways subscribers can feel connected to our planet using meditation and yoga.



Arbor Day

Just like this email explains, Arbor Day was established in 1872 as a day to plant trees. To celebrate Earth Day and Arbor Day, you


Order a Product & Plant A Tree

Hit two birds with one stone: drive more sales to your products and plant trees as a thank you. In this email example, Corked encourages its customers to use the 25% off their refresh set, and for every set sold, the brand will plant one tree. If you are thinking of creating a similar Arbor Day email campaign, make sure to prepare a trigger Thank you email for every purchase. And once your campaign is over, send out a Report email to tell your customers how many trees they helped plant.


Best Earth Day Emails Sent in 2020

We went through hundreds of earth day emails and picked our favorites for this year. Check out our selection of the best Earth day emails in this gallery.

Guess: 🌎 Earth Day Turns 50 🌎


UGG: #UGGTOGETHER this Earth Day


Hugo Boss: Celebrate Earth Day


Shopbop: How we’re honoring Earth Day…

How we're honoring Earth Day…

Eddie Bauer: You + American Forests = 8+ Million Trees Planted!


Wrapping Up

Earth day emails are a way for your brand to show your commitment towards creating a better place for all of us. It’s an opportunity to establish your brand as eco friendly and conscious. Explain to your customers that your practices are ethical, that you respect the environment, and that your ingredients are safe. Take part in an environmental cause and create a platform where your customers can help you make an impact. Or better yet, combine all of the above to create the ultimate Earth day email, just like this email that checks off all the right boxes.


The best Earth Day email, however, is the one that you can create right now, with your team. Think about your message and let your heart speak. Earth is our home, and she is suffering. Show everyone that you’re doing your part.