Cyber Monday is the Monday after Black Friday. It has been extended to a full week dubbed Cyber Week. Approximately 62 million US citizens said that they intend to make online purchases on Cyber Monday according to Statista.

You can merge your Black Friday and Cyber Monday email campaigns. But if you choose to split your communication for each shopping day, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you’ll find some inspiring Cyber Monday email examples and compelling subject lines, as well as best practices to help guide you through your Cyber Monday email campaign.

Cyber Monday practices for 2022

Send out more than 1 email

A great practice you can follow is to send out more than 1 email to increase awareness.

  • First email: The first email could be sent out a week before Cyber Monday, with this you can reach out to more people. It will make your customers excited, and they will look out for your email the say it is happening.
  • Second email: The actual Cyber Monday email, which includes your offer and the details.
  • Third email: This one is supposed to be sent out during the final hours, reminding your subscribers to make their purchase before the end of the discount.

Give special offer

In this time of the year plenty of emails are being sent out. Make your subscribers feel special, offer them early access for your sales to prove you are grateful for them. You can even provide them a higher discount.

Stand out with your subject line

Using the right subject line for your email will boost your open rate as we already highlighted it in our Black Friday and Thanksgiving articles too. Emojis are being in the spotlight to drive attention, and in the last few years, they are being more popular.

  • 24 hours only!⚠️ Cyber Monday sale
  • More Cyber Week Deals ✅ up to 70% off ✅
  • Cyber Monday is RUNNING‼️
  • 🎁SURPRISE!🎁Cyber Monday extra sales!
  • Cyber Monday SALE! It is HAPPENING!⚡
  • Cyber Monday Early Access: 40% off select faves

Cyber Monday comes early this year

This email example sent by the lingerie brand is a good example of a well-structured email layout. The template starts out with an email header containing the brand’s logo. The next block is the email headline, which explains in only 4 words the sale campaign.

A hero image is added to highlight the products in question and add a fun visual element to the email. Next, the brand provides more details, like the discount code and the end of the campaign.



This layout works because it’s simple and straightforward, allowing subscribers to get all the main information in a matter of seconds. Which is a major plus, especially in fast-paced times.

Cyber Monday Is NOW — Save up to 50% Tonight!

Add a little splash of Christmas spirit to your Cyber Monday email campaigns. These next email examples are sent by brands who want to prepare their customers for the biggest shopping holiday of the year.

Paper Source designed a beautiful Christmassy email template while maintaining a Cyber Monday-focused email copy.


Cyber savings + FREE shipping inside!⤵

This next example plays with the combination of Cyber Monday copywriting with a Christmas inspired look. Using a Christmas web font and a green-red-white color palette, we are instantly transported to the Christmas spirit.


Brands are basically saying: you can shop for Christmas gifts during the Cyber Monday sales.

✨ Early Deals on Cyber Steals ✨

Another Cyber Monday email template that is Christmas inspired. The email image background contains Xmas elements (tree leaves, gift wrappings, bows, and ball balls).

The email copywriting, however, refers to Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday. We can really see through this email example that both brands and customers perceive the end of year period as one extended shopping day.


🤖 Pre-Cyber Monday Sale! Save 60%, Today Only

This email example leans in the stereotypical Cyber Monday design: a black background with a bright yellow text, using a robotic font.

The email copy indicates that the upcoming sales are merely a pre-Cyber Monday discount. Which tells the subscriber indirectly that they will be benefiting from Cyber Monday sales as well.

Using the word “pre” is a good technique that acts as a teaser for the upcoming sales.


PREVIEW CYBER MONDAY NOW 🎉Shop Hundreds of Deals Before Anyone Else!

This is another example of a standard Cyber Monday email design, that highlights the early sales. Using a neutral color palette (black, white, and grey), with a pop of color (red), the subscriber’s attention is instantly drawn to the most important parts of the email message: Today only / preview / CTA.

It’s a great example to showcase how using colors in email design can influence how your customers read and interact with your emails.


It’s Cyber Monday -extra 50% Off All Sale Items

Animated images are a great way to catch the attention of any subscriber. Here are a few of our favorite Cyber Monday GIFs used in different email campaigns.

It's Cyber Monday -extra 50% Off All Sale Items

Our Cyber Monday preview ends tonight!

Make sure to optimize the size of your animated images, in order to avoid sending a large email file to your subscribers. You can use online tools to reduce the size of your images and GIFs. 

jcpenny cyber monday preview gif

12 Hours Left! Don’t Miss This



Cyber Monday: The Final Countdown! 60% OFF on Designmodo 🔥

Embedding countdown timers in your emails is an effective technique to grab the attention of subscribers and create a sense of urgency that will get them to interact with your email faster.

In this Cyber Monday email example sent by Designmodo, the company starts off with a huge email header: Cyber Monday, followed by: “The final countdown”. A short description of the offer is added, a bright blue call to action, and then a countdown timer.

The first block of the email works coherently together to portray one clear message: Cyber Monday sales are almost over!



More email blocks are later added to showcase some discounted products, and the final email block summarizes the email and repeats the main information in huge colorful fonts.

This is meant to remind customers of the offer and is targeted towards mobile users who scroll down fast.

Look who arrived early: The Cyber Monday Sale!

In this Cyber Monday early access campaign, the brand chose a simpler, more concise design.

The main focus of the email is the background image, title, CTA, and countdown timer. With a total of only 18 words, the email succeeds in translating the main information of the early Cyber Monday sale.


Another interesting element to notice in this email example is the disclaimer in the email footer. This email was sent last week, during the pandemic. The brand chose to add a note to explain to its customers the delivery policies put in place.

It’s a good hack: this is highly important information that all customers will probably be wondering about. Instead of drowning the support staff in delivery-related questions, the brand anticipated the rush and provided a complete description of the process in their promotional emails.

Just For You! 20% Off Black Friday Presale Starts 11/20

It’s a no-brainer to combine Black Friday and Cyber Monday email campaigns. Many brands, as we have seen in previous examples, choose to create one big email campaign for the last week of November.

This brand chose to create an exclusive sale for their email subscribers only. It’s a cool trick to make your subscribers feel valued and special, and get them to take advantage of a unique sale, just for them.


Early Access + $50 Gift Card💖

Another way to increase your sales for Cyber Monday is to create an exclusive customer club. In this Cyber Monday email campaign, the brand WOW launched a competition to win a $50 gift card.


In the email body, the brand details the rules of the competition and how subscribers can participate. Using keywords like VIP, winner, exclusive, special perks, the brand makes readers feel unique, and like they can be part of something extraordinary.

Black Friday is coming 👀 Are you ready?

This is a cool Cyber Monday email example that uses fun elements to build up the hype around the upcoming Cyber Monday and Black Friday sales. Instead of redirecting customers to a product page where they can shop, this brand is asking subscribers to sign up to be notified when the sales begin. The number of people who sign up will indicate to the brand the estimated sales, and will also prepare subscribers for the upcoming sales.



Bonus Email: The Holiday Shopping Guide.


In this bonus email example, we wanted to give you a completely different idea for your Cyber Monday campaign. The brand prepares customers for the upcoming sales by sharing with them the holiday calendar. This email content resembles internal communication between employees who are getting ready to produce holiday email campaigns. 

By sharing their sales schedule, the company is onboarding customers, who will become more aware and involved in the campaigns. The brand is basically helping customers scheduled their busy holiday weeks and providing them with the needed information to be better organized and structured.