Delightful automated emails

Chamaileon provides a solution to help marketing teams create beautiful, on-brand yet fully dynamic emails

, SalesForce Pardot + Chamaileon

Boost your email marketing campaigns with beautiful email designs that can’t be created with Pardot’s built-in editor.

Reduce your email production time:

Forget worrying about the time-consuming coding of emails or waiting for your contractor to finish the coding and finalizing process.

By using Chamaileon’s collaborative email builder your marketing team is empowered with email development skills without the need for coding.

Use Your Merge Tags and Dynamic Content

Design Email Blocks (aka Modules) within Chamaileon and apply your own merge tags and dynamic module codes to the email templates your team design and edit in Chamaileon without any coding requirements.

Re-use email content Blocks to create variations, versions or A/B tests of your emails. You will be able to perfectly apply your branding to every email by using the pre-defined Blocks.

Create as many Dynamic content in one template as you can imagine. Chamaileon helps you stay on brand and see the clear picture of how the emails will look like in your leads inbox. 

, SalesForce Pardot + Chamaileon
, SalesForce Pardot + Chamaileon

Export Pardot Optimized Email HTML 

The email code expert team at Chamaileon knows the best-quality email code. We get the weight of worrying about email rendering out of your shoulder.

, SalesForce Pardot + Chamaileon

"I could get rid of HTML editing and increase my productivity with 70%. Now I can easily create 10+ email templates per day!"

Noel Cheung
Multinational Fashion Brand

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