10x faster email creation for agencies

Stop hand-coding & complete your email projects 10x faster.

Visual email production platform for agencies that are looking to eliminate HTML coding from their email projects.

Collaborative email creation was never easier.

Days spent with email projects. Reduced to hours.

Don’t waste your pro developer resources on email coding. 95% of emails your team currently hand-codes can be built in Chamaileon in a fraction of the time.

A client asked for background optimization for Outlook. We spent 6 hours adding custom VML. If we had been able to use Chamaileon on the project, we would have sorted this out with the flip of a switch.
Marketers enabled to create stunning emails campaigns on their own.
Mark Kuykendall
Director of Data and Automation, Moon Tide Agency

How Chamaileon changes the way your agency gets email projects done?

Create emails collaboratively on a short deadline.

Without coding.

No need to wait for developers to code an email template. Enable designers, writers, and marketers to work together and get the job done 10x faster.

Super-fast email creation workflow.

Deliver supreme email HTML quality.

Code unmatched by any other email builder.

No need to worry about rendering issues and email testing. We provide you the finest software generated email code with Outlook friendly backgrounds & built-in support for email accessibility standards.

Supreme email HTML code quality.

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The big boss of Chamaileon
Roland Pokornyik
CEO & Co-founder @ Chamaileon
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Follow an agile workflow to stay flexible and productive

Chamaileon enables designers and marketers to thrive working on emails again

Tweak every tiny design detail to your clients’ needs

Email builders are usually rigid, but not Chamaileon. It enables your designers to use nested columns and do pixel-wise adjustments to every design element with no-code.

Change any small detail visually.

Build your templates & reusable modules to speed up production

Code unmatched by any other email builder.

Once you tweaked a design to perfection, create a customized email template and module library per each client to make sure everything stays on-brand forever.

Create a template and module library of emails.

Integrations with ESPs that most of your clients’ use

Chamaileon has native integrations and works seamlessly with Marketo, Klaviyo, Iterable, Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, ActiveCampaign, Hubspot, Sendgrid, and other ESPs as well.

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10x the efficiency of your email production

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Roland Pokornyik
CEO & Co-founder @ Chamaileon