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Michael Kann


@ Online Lending Innovations Co.

"50-50% A/B test with 25,000 subscribers (same design): the open rate is identical, the click rate on your email is 50% higher than Beefree!"



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Use every feature with limited number of emails, templates, projects and monthly recurring exports & test emails.





Store all your email designs and templates. Polish your designs to perfection with unlimited exports and test emails.



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Bulletproof email design

Reliable CTR across devices, since the emails look the same in most email clients and on every device.

HTML email import

Feel free to download any template from the web — you can import HTML emails to the editor and redesign them. You can import your existing emails, too.

Campaigns, projects

Organize your campaigns, templates, emails into projects, because you don't like messy template lists.


Get the whole email team using the same tool. The designer can create the template with blocks, while the marketer/copywriter works on the text. They can use a shared asset library.

Help center

We cover your back! You can find articles that help you improve your email designs using the application.

Unlimited chat/email support

Speak with us and get help any time.

Unlimited storage

Keep all your assets in the application's free storage: Templates and blocks, Emails, Projects.

Unlimited monthly test emails

Test and optimize your emails infinitely.

Unlimited monthly exports

Number of campaign versions exceeds the export limit? Get unlimited exports with Premium

Real-time Collaboration

Edit the same email design with your workmates in real time. Let more people work on the same email design.

Custom Roles

Manage folder level custom access rights of each member to your workspace.

Activity Log and Version History

Check who, when and what changed in your email designs. Restore previous versions you liked the most.

Custom Integrations

We connect Chamaileon to your current email service provider or custom software.

A/B testing

Create A/B versions of your email templates easily and track the success of them.

Multilingual emails

Connect Chamaileon to your current translation engine or use the built-in multilingual Blocks.

Email Production Analysis

Analyze the time and effort your team put into each and every email campaign. Get professional hints and advice to improve.

24/7 Support
Dedicated Account Manager

Corporate security and own cloud environment? We can help you install and maintain Chamaileon built into your service stack.

On-Premise Installation

Corporate security and own cloud environment? We can help you install and maintain Chamaileon built into your service stack.

AI Powered Hints for CTR% Optimization

Which color, button or email length worked better? Let our AI help you decide what works the best on your audiences.

Recorded training materials

Personalized training videos to onboard current and new team members.

Custom email templates

Get help of an #emailgeek with designing custom-branded email templates. Pay once, reuse & redesign any time.

No credit card required

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often do I have to pay?

A: Accounts are billed on a monthly basis.

Q: How do I upgrade my Free account?

A: To upgrade your account, log into Chamaileon and go to your "Workspace" menu in the upper-left corner or simply click on the button that says "Upgrade Plan".

Q: Are there any additional costs?

A: There are no hidden fees or additional costs.

Q: Is there an option for organization wide paying for every user seat our company needs?

A: Yes. Upgrade to Premium Plan from the Workspace's billing menu and add as many seats as needed.