Onboarding Emails

How to Create Onboarding Emails That Drive Conversions

Quick but thorough breakdown of onboarding emails and onboarding email templates.

Onbarding emails rock!

What is an onboarding email?

Onboarding emails are a set of emails that are created and sent to customers, to assist them throughout their journey with your brand. Starting from their first interaction with your product or service, your customers (or future customers) should be educated on your product, the value it provides, how they can use it, and extract the most out of it.

Onboarding emails can be the second most important emails your customers receive (second to welcome emails).
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The Stages of Onboarding Emails

Acquisition Emails

Send an email about the campaign or product.

The first step of your customer onboarding process is to acquire new hot leads. Cold emails are commonly used during this stage. However, you can stand out the crowd by sending a product launch email through which you announce your new product release to your potential clients and prospects.

Acquisition Emails as part on an Onboarding series

Activation Emails

Your customer onboarding strategy continues with a welcome email template

Welcome emails are very effective and have on average 50% Open Rates.

All you need is an engaging welcome email subject line and a persuasive call to action. Customer activation doesn’t only rely on welcome emails, however. There are many other email sequences you can send to your newly acquired customers.

Another customer onboarding email example is education emails that help customers get started with your application or software.

Activate customers and leads through welcoming and education email series.

Retention Emails

Retaining a customer is less expensive than acquiring a new one.

There are different retention emails that you can send to your existing customers, from event reminder emails to periodic activity reports emails or webinar invitation emails. It really depends on whether or not your customer is active (daily user) or dormant.

In the latter case for inactive users/customers, you should send re-engagement emails to win back inactive customers while you should investigate why are people unsubscribing from your email list.

Retention emails are tricky to send.

Conversion Emails

Show me the money!

After detailing all elements of the SaaS customer onboarding process, you are probably thinking… Show me the money! During this last step of the conversion funnel, your objective is to upset. You can do this by sending out end of trial emails, upgrade account emails, application improvement and new features emails… and the list goes on. It’s also important to keep track of your customer onboarding metrics if you want to optimize your customer conversion funnel.

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