Stensul vs Chamaileon comparison

Why teams choosing Chamaileon over Stensul?

Your team will love this.

Stensul makes your email design nice & easy BUT

No email design capabilities

Stensul's team create nice and robust, block-based email templates for you. You'll never has access to these blocks, you can't change 'em on your own.

Wait for code changes, as usual

Stensul and Taxi for Email were all built to help email teams turn agile. But they lack email design and HTML code generation capabilities that could speed up the email workflow.

Chamaileon places email creation at your hands.

The no-code agile email workflow is the new norm.

Chamaileon has been developed with an agile workflow in mind focusing on speed and simplicity. Brands are making the switch from coding emails to designing them choosing Chamaileon.

Chamaileon, Agile email creation platform

Why are people choosing Chamaileon over Stensul?

Less is more

Chamaileon gives you the power to build your own email blocks without coding. You can control every step of your email creation within one application.

And Stensul?

Using Stensul means you create (1) email design plans then the (2) email design agency codes email blocks and (3) they give you a tool to rearrange email blocks for each campaign. For new blocks – you need to ask and wait.

Super-fast email creation workflow.

Faster together

Chamaileon puts control back over email creation to your team without extra knowledge. This reduces time to market for emails like never before.

And Stensul?

While Stensul’s interface is simple and clean enough for marketers, designers lack the flexibility to change the look and feel of the company’s emails or creating new sections on-demand quickly.

Super-fast email creation with drag and drop email builder.

Better teamwork

Chamaileon truly revolutionizes email creation. Team members have the power to make any changes in real-time and get feedback using a simple email builder interface that’s clean & easy to navigate.

And Stensul?

Stensul’s model is a traditional client-agency ping-pong revised and put under the skin of an application. This incurs higher costs, slower processes, and high dependency on the service team.

Super-fast email creation workflow.

Can Chamaileon really replace email coding?

Can I forget about the templating tools at all?

Chamaileon is built for your entire email design production workflow. Create and collaborate on a template. Define modular blocks. Share a link to your design or campaign preview. Gather feedback via comments. And grab the highest-possible quality responsive email HTML code.

Chamaileon features

Comparing Chamaileon and Stensul

Not just two software, we see two different models.

What’s Stensul?

80% coding service agency and 20% email content management system (e-CMS)

Stensul's enables teams to build email campaigns from pre-designed templates and email modules configured by the Stensul team. While its interface is simple and clean enough for marketers, designers lack the flexibility to change the look and feel of the company’s emails. Email modules are pre-configured by Stensul’s team for a fee.

Stensuls agency + tool model.

What’s Chamaileon?

100% Software Tool, a flexible email design and content management platform, built with team collaboration in mind

Chamaileon empowers teams to create stunning email templates and reusable modules that can be locked down and kept on-brand. Enterprise marketers won’t need to depend on the Chamaileon team when a design modification is required. Team members with the appropriate permission have the power to make any changes in real-time and get feedback in the same single tool.

Super-fast email creation with drag and drop email builder.
We managed to 2-3x our open and click-through rates and boost our email marketing driven revenues likewise.
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Agile email creation workflow in action. Discover it.

Chamaileon works with top ESP-s

ActiveCampaign, Braze, CampaignMonitor, ConstantContact, HubSpot, iContact, Iterable, Klaviyo, MailChimp, Marketo, MailGun, NetSuite Bronto, SendGrid, SendInBlue, SparkPost

Comparing costs and prices

Stensul's monthly fee starts over $2000

Both platforms are centralized, scalable, replace email building & coding, and allows email code download/syncronizing, but Stensul has an enterprise price tag

Stensul charges extra for service work

Stensul's email design and coding service adds extra fee to the bill each month. That is hard to count with and simple unecessary.

Low cost, high value

Chamaileon has a solid, transparent, team-based pricing starting at $150/month

There are no service/templating agency costs: A corporate designer can make any changes anytime without writing a single line of HTML code while marketers can create unlimited email campaigns without compromising design consistency.


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