Email Template Builder Comparison

Looking for the Best Drag-n-Drop Email Builder?

Email marketers look for different things in their drag and drop email builder of choice. To help you make an educated decision, we conducted thorough research and compiled a detailed email builder review of the main three HTML builders: BeeFree, Chamaileon, and Stripo.

Email Builders compared.

Drag and Drop email builders

That allow you to create responsive emails without needing any HTML knowledge

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Developed by Mailup, an Italian ESP, is an email editor free to use. It has a paid - Pro - version. You'll find our BeeFree/BeePro review and alternatives down below.

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Chamaileon is an online email builder and email content management platform. We conducted this objective Chamaileon review, with no bias.

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Stripo is a free online email designer based in Ukraine. We will be conducting a thorough Stripo review and provide you with Stripo alternatives.

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Email design flexibility comparison


Email layout can be created by pre-structured layout 'row' elements, with up to 4 columns in each row. You can't create nested elements or restructure rows/columns. Adding padding and margin is limited by 5 pixel steps up to 60 pixels.


Email layout can be created by pre-structured layout 'row' elements, with up to 8 columns in each row. You can't create nested elements or restructure rows/columns. Adding padding and margin is limited by 5 pixel steps up to 40 pixels.


Designing the email layout is an experience of freedom in Chamaileon, you can nest elements in each other, you can add as many flexible columns or rows as your design needs it. Layout's can be easily restructured. Chamaileon uses granular padding options like pro design tools: you can set padding and margin pixel-by-pixel without limits.

Chamaileon, Agile email creation platform

Branding consistency in email design


In BeePro, you can save 'rows' under the 'My Saved Rows' collection. You can lock these email rows to prevent further editing. You can set up projects for brands/products.


In Stripo you can create a 'Brand guideline kit', which is a PDF that helps you as a guide when designing emails.


In Chamaileon, brands are able to set up their template and email block library, organized in folders for sub-brands or product lines. The design or content of email blocks can be blocked from editing based on user roles and permissions.

Chamaileon, Agile email creation platform

Email asset management


In BeePro, you can save emails and templates into projects. The images/illustrations can be stored in the projects too.


Stripo provides the least options for organizing email assets. Users have projects where they can collect email designs.


Chamaileon built as an email CMS (content management platform). You can save email designs as templates (locked from editing by some users), also you can organize saved email designs, templates, email blocks(!), and image assets in a folder system that works exactly as on your computer. The permission system helps to define who has access to which folder and on what level (editor, viewer, admin).

Chamaileon, Agile email creation platform

Team collaboration


Stripo has limited options for team use. You can invite multiple users, they can have the 'Owner, admin, designer, writer, proofreader, and viewer' roles but there isn't any workflows built-in or chance for real-time collaboration.

Chamaileon & BeePro

Both tools enable teams to work together at the same time on email designs, like in Figma or Google Docs. There is a commenting and approval workflow built into both software, in Chamaileon as part of the pricing, at BeePro for an extra fee. User could have different Roles in bot email builder and users have folder permissions in Chamaileon as well for a better collaboration.

Chamaileon, Agile email creation platform

Why are teams choosing Chamaileon over other Email Builders?

Powerful features, simple pricing

Less is more

Chamaileon gives you the power to build your own email blocks without coding. You can control every step of your email creation within one application. Team collaboration and asset management is built into the tool not as a plugin but from bottom to up. That makes pricing flat, and easily calculable.

Super-fast email creation workflow.

Made for teams

Faster together

Chamaileon puts control back over email creation to your team without extra knowledge. This reduces time to market for emails like never before.

Super-fast email creation with drag and drop email builder.

Perfect Email Code, Always

Don't sacrifice quality

HTML email code generated by Chamaileon email builder is tested and verified by email testers like Litmus and Email On Acid. You don’t need to think about mobile responsiveness or rendering issues anymore. We’ve got it covered.

High-quality email HTML output

Can Chamaileon really replace email coding?

Can I forget about the templating tools at all?

Chamaileon is built for your entire email design production workflow. Create and collaborate on a template. Define modular blocks. Share a link to your design or campaign preview. Gather feedback via comments. And grab the highest-possible quality responsive email HTML code.

Chamaileon features
We managed to 2-3x our open and click-through rates and boost our email marketing driven revenues likewise.
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Agile email creation workflow in action. Discover it.

Chamaileon works with top ESP-s

ActiveCampaign, Braze, CampaignMonitor, ConstantContact, HubSpot, iContact, Iterable, Klaviyo, MailChimp, Marketo, MailGun, NetSuite Bronto, SendGrid, SendInBlue, SparkPost

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