Creating an email in Chamaileon

In order to create your first email in Chamaileon, you need to find the ”New email” button in your email dashboard in the top right-hand corner.

Click ”New email” and you will see the following options on how to create your first email.

From scratch #

Ideal design option for those who have some experience with other email builders and have a natural sense for email design in general. 

From templates #

In order to help users get started and to provide the inspiration, we built a series of free email templates than any Chamaileon user and organization can use without limitations.

We plan to continuously extend the library of free email templates over time, so you can expect to see new email templates in our collection from time to time.

You can access our pre-made templates by clicking ”New email” and then ”Select from a predesigned template” you can type in the search, the type of the template that you need! We have over 130 templates in our library.

You can easily adjust them accordingly to your needs.


From workspace templates #

When you have published your email as a template from the email card you can access it in your workspace templates.

Import HTML #

You can import your existing email templates to Chamaileon, no matter if they are from another system or were custom coded by a freelancer or agency for you.