10x faster email production.

Without sacrificing quality.

Visual Email Builder platform for agile brands & agency teams. The center of your email production.

Collaborative email creation was never easier.

Weeks spent on email creation. Reduced to hours.

We have met the brightest brand and agency email marketing teams. Suffering from eye-wateringly painful production processes (even if they had the right tools). Our Agile Email approach helped them write, design and build at the same time and love working on emails.

We managed to 2-3x our open and click-through rates and boost our email marketing driven revenues likewise.
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Emily Dukes
Marketing Manager at SVP Worldwide (Singer, Husquarna)

Annoyingly long approval and feedback chains. Streamlined.

No matter which email sending platform you currently use, use it better and faster tomorrow.

Chamaileon improves the email creation efficiency of digital teams. We introduce you to a No-code Agile Email Creation Workflow. Join our next Agile Email Workflow seminar to see exactly how.

Super-fast email creation workflow.

We are giving your time back.

90% of it.

At Chamaileon, we are committed to save 90% of the time your team spends on email production. We started a seminar to uncover the processes Chamaileon software utilizes:

Email Creation Heaven without hassle

Run by email production experts, the seminar is a game-changer whatever platform you use. Plus, we’ll reveal how Chamaileon transforms drained digital teams to happy people working on incredible email projects.

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    5 pillars of the Agile Email Creation strategy
    and how they improve ROI
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    How to make sure your emails stay on-brand?
    without the extra work
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    4 factors of going no-code in email production
    and their impact on efficiency
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    8-step email testing checklist
    for testing email rendering efficiently

Learn what a wonderfully agile email workflow looks and feels like.

Reduce time spent with old-school technologies and unnecessary processes.

Chamaileon has re-imagined email creation to dramatically improve the efficiency of digital teams. We created a high-quality, no-code email design platform with Agile Email Workflow in mind.

High quality emails made effieciently.
Recently a client asked for background images to be optimized for Outlook, built into a custom Salesforce Marketing Cloud email. We spent an additional 6 hours adding custom VML. If we had been able to use Chamaileon on the project, we would have sorted this out with the flip of a switch.
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Mark Kuykendall
Director of Data and Automation, Moon Tide Agency

Chamaileon.io platform seamlessly integrates with

Acoustic, Marketo, Klaviyo, SendGrid, Campaign Monitor, NetSuite, Salesforce...

See the full list
1,000+ of drag and drop email templates and blocks.
To create on-brand emails.
Email editor prepared for real-time team collaboration.
Think Google Docs.
Best-quality responsive email generator.
Enterprise-level email creation.
Without the enterprise-level price tag.

Optimize email creation

Spend more time and effort on the creative processes

Simple changes. Huge impact on ROI as a result.

Speed up email development.

By going no-code, you can speed up email-to-market time, design iteration, and concept testing.

Speed up email creation time

Create well-optimized campaigns and boost email marketing performance.

Use the power of Chamaileon’s advanced email HTML generator without coding.

optimize email campaigns

Stay on-brand and produce flawless campaign design.

Highly-flexible for designers and effortless for marketers. The next-generation Chamaileon Email Editor.

Stay on brand without extra cost

Replace back-and-forth communication with real-time collaboration.

Edit together, comment, and approve LIVE as you should in 2021.

Real-time collaboration is a must in 2021

How other platforms work

No streamlined email production

High-profile email marketing platforms focus on automation, segmentation, targeting and delivery. But these don’t help large teams streamline their email production process.

No email design capabilities

Litmus, Stensul and Taxi for Email were all built to help email teams turn agile. But they lack email design and HTML code generation capabilities that could speed up the email workflow.

The way only Chamaileon works

The no-code agile email workflow is the new norm.

Chamaileon has been developed with an agile workflow in mind focusing on speed and simplicity. While supporting email design, beautiful templates and best-class technology.

Email Creation should be a zen state

Sign up for the next no BS Agile Email Workflow Seminar.

10x the efficency of email production.

Why a seminar? Who should join the seminar? Read more in the FAQ.

No BS Agile Email Workflow Seminar.

Weekly seminar on every
Wednesday, 2PM, ET
30 min
The big boss of Chamaileon
Roland Pokornyik
CEO & Co-founder @ Chamaileon
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Frequently asked questions

    • What’s the difference between a product demo and your seminar?

      We aim to change the way you think about email creation, without the BS. This seminar is held by agile email experts and touches the foundation of email production. We discuss methods, pros and cons, costs while you meet others who are in the same shoes. (Regardless of the platform you use now, you’ll leave the session with a different mindset that will help your everyday job.)

    • When does the seminar happen?

      Every Wednesday at 14:00 ET (EDT). Each of the seminars is a bit different, tailored to the participants’ needs, save your seat as soon as possible.

    • Why a seminar?

      We find that 1on1 product demos and sales calls are often a waste of time for both parties while a free trial of a tool could turn into a frustrating experience. We decided to personally walk you through the most up-to-date email creation methods in small, professional teams. We answer your questions, show you some powerful examples, and facilitate peer network learning. Even if you don’t change your current platform, there are guaranteed takeaways for you.

    • Do you have a page about the features of the Chamaileon platform?

      Sure, check out this page: Chamaileon features

    • Who should join the seminar?

      Everyone who’d love to know more about modern email creation methods and best practices. Marketers, CRM experts, designers, developers can all benefit from what’s discussed.

    • Is this tool for me?

      If you feel you can save time and cost by modernizing your email creation process join the seminar and learn more. If you are familiar with Agile Email Creation, Email design sprint, drag-n-drop email builders, and real-time collaboration on email designs, you might want to consider starting the free trial without attending our seminar.